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According to Mark Twain the Coldest Winter He Ever Spent Was a Summer in San Francisco

You have heard the famous quote. It’s absolutely true. You can spot a summer tourist in San Francisco by the tank tops,shorts and flip flops they are wearing. The sweatshirt vendors make a killing down at Fisherman’s Wharf because people don’t plan for our lovely gloom of summer and freeze their tushes off.

My clients, however are residents of the city by the bay and know how to dress their adorable son, H! H is about to turn two years old and he is a mighty bundle of energy and spunk. He’s on the go and interested in things like trucks, balls, boats, sand, sticks and leaves. Very happy little fella. We had our summer session and here are a few sneak peaks for his mom and dad. They were both with me at the session and very nice folks to hang out with. We met at Chrissy Field which is one of my favorite San Francisco locations. It’s close to the Presido, which is another favorite as well as Baker Beach. You can’t beat any of those locations for unique settings.

H is very fascinated by nature. He’s a boy’s boy. He’s all boy.

I brought along my dog toy (which doubles as a kid’s toy). It’s a rubber chicken that looks EXACTLY like my brother-in-law. I call it Uncle Dave. Unfortunately, no one else in our family recognizes the resemblance except my husband. They think I am insane. H is already throwing like a champ.

The water fascinated him as well. Here he is peering over the wall, staring out at Marin County and Alcatraz in the distance.

Dog Days of Summer Pleasanton

The Pleasanton Downtown Association has its annual Dog Days of Summer parade. My chance to be amongst canines of all kinds. Getting down on the ground is the best way to capture the expressions and details. The only problem is they all came running to the camera and licked my face, my lens, my camera. I was slimed many times over. When I made it home last night Riley knew I was cheating behind his back and sniffed my clothes for a long time. Here are a few edits from the parade.