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Dogs and Babies, Dogs and Babies

Apparently I am getting more and more of the combination together which I enjoy. We just returned from Southern California for a little downtime after the “termination” of my IT career. Sara Evans was playing at the Ventura County fair and my husband is a huge fan. Me, not so much but I admit she’s a good singer. We also stopped off in Camarillo to grab a few shots of this little miracle girl and her siblings. I hope her parents don’t mind me sharing the story with you–well actually Dad gave me permission (but I was hoping Mom would speak up.) :)

I just want to say that it’s never too late to have the family you always dreamed of having. No matter how your child comes to you, the opportunity to parent a child is by far one of the most rewarding lifetime experiences. S and R tried for many years to conceive a child on their own and finally adopted their first child, a boy. M came along and guess what happened one month later? R found out she was pregnant! At the age of 40 she delivered a brother to 10 month old M.

It gets even better! We received a call a few months ago that a happy surprise was coming. R was expecting another child–a girl–at 45. Congrats to the family and to her big brothers M and M. Ha ha…sounds like a candy plug doesn’t it?

By the way, Maggie is the new family dog. Sweet addition to an already full house!